GingerMe is a small company in Durbanville outside Cape Town that makes fresh ginger-shots based on the founder’s grandmother’s old recipe. Each bottle of GingerMe is made and bottled by hand, not by a machine. Ingredients are sourced from a variety of local farmers and businesses, as we aim to support the local economy. We always work with fresh ingredients and do not add any preservatives, colourants or other regulators. Therefore, there might be slight variations in taste and color of the ginger shots. Young ginger has a slightly milder taste than more mature ginger, honey has its own distinct flavor depending on what bee-farmer it is sourced from, and lemons also vary in flavor depending on farm and season. We are ok with that, and we hope you are too :)



Sofia is originally from Sweden, but has lived in Durbanville outside of Cape Town with her South African husband for over 12 years. After being retrenched from her job in the tourism industry during lock-down, Sofia started making ginger shots for family and friends according to her Swedish grandmother’s old recipe. The ginger shots quickly became so popular that Sofia decided to make them daily, and turn it into a little business venture. In order to support the local economy, Sofia uses the freshest possible ingredients sourced from local farms and businesses around Cape Town.

When Sofia is not in the kitchen or out talking to customers, she enjoys spending time with her family, playing padel tennis, or playing a round of golf. She used to play division 1 college golf in America, and still hits the ball quite well, if she can say so herself ;)



The GingerMe core team consists of Sofia (owner and founder), Nicky (head of production) and Leigh Ann (operations/office manager). We also have a bunch of other awesome ladies that help us at the weekend markets and with our weekly deliveries. We are all so grateful to be working together and to be doing something we all love. We take great pride in our work and care a lot about our customers. We are always open to receive feedback and suggestions, so feel free to get in touch anytime or come visit us at the factory shop!

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